Hand Sanitiser Bulk Price Online

Hand sanitiser bulk demand has increased dramatically in the past few months due to the critical situation. Commercial companies, retailers, restaurants need to buy hand sanitizer in bulk.

To bulk buy hand sanitiser you need to make sure:

1- The hand sanitiser bulk stock availability

has the stock and can deliver on time. There are a lot presale advertising which after you pay you will realize that the stock is not available.

2- Hand sanitizer bulk minimum order.

For example, at Najvani our minimum order is 50 units of hand sanitiser as we are specialized on bulk mini hand sanitiser.

3- Does the advertised price to bulk buy hand sanitizer included the delivery fee.

If yes does the delivery covers the rural areas too or not. At Najvani, delivery to metropolitan suburbs is free. Please contact us to get the price of shipping the sanitiser to regional areas.

4- Mini hand sanitiser bulk Australia suppliers or big container.

If you are looking for mini hand sanitiser bulk in Australia for example 60 mL or 100 mL then make sure the supplier is specialized in bulk mini as some of bulk hand sanitiser suppliers sell in big size containers like 20 L or even bigger.

5- Hand gel sanitizer or liquid.

The difference between Gel and Liquid hand sanitiser is that the gel is easier to be used for hand rubbing as you can control exactly the amount you want to use. The liquid can be used to refill the spray bottles. Make sure the product you are ordering suits your requirements.

6- Percentage of the alcohol of hand sanitiser.

Make sure the percentage of the content alcohol in the hand sanitiser is a minimum of %70 percent.

7- What is the price per 1l hand sanitizer.

This is how you can compare the rate of two different brand of hand sanitiser bulk by calculating what is the price per liter.

8- Is it an instant hand sanitiser.

9- Why the best size is the 500ml hand sanitiser.

10- Is there any alcohol free hand sanitiser?

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